Skin Care

Dear Besso, Teresa,

Your products have been my facial mainstay for many years now…at least 8 I believe! I had terribly dry, itchy, flaky skin when I first came to see you for advice, for care and for a facial. The products and the care you have given are the absolute best I have ever used or been treated to, really. My face looks and feels soft, dewy and luminous, my blotches are long gone and I feel more attractive now, at 52 years of age, than I ever did when I was younger. I will never use anything else on my face and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The scents are lovely, too! My daughter Molly loves your products as well!

Theresa M. VanderSchie

Kalamazoo, MI


Thank you so much for your facial. It was the best I've ever had. Thank you for removing all those white heads. I will visit you again and recomend you to all my friends.

B. B.

Hi Teres,

I want you to know how much I love your products & definitely will be spreading the word?

Tahnk you, T. Kellerman

Hi Teresa and crew!

This is Amy M, I am from Washington DC and recently had a facial while briefly in town for work.  I ended getting the basic cleanser, toner, moisturizer and oil control. I can't even begin to tell you how great my face looks only after a few weeks! There is an evenness, smoothness, and glow to it that I haven't seen for a long time!  Also, my pores are MUCH less clogged as the acne around chin area has cleared up drastically, even when I thought it was there to stay!

I usually don't write emails like this about products, probably because I've never been so satisfied! I feel so comfortable with the quality of my complexion that many times I confidently don't wear foundation in public! So, I can't tell you again how happy I am to have bumped into your business. I can tell you really believe in your product and have the customers' best interests in mind!

Thanks again,

Holy Cow you guys!!! 

Just called yesterday..not even knowing if my message made sense and here today...I get a call from the front office letting me know my Beauty Aides...are here!!!  Thank you soooo much...

With Kindest Regards

Becky Fonner

I want to thank you for making the cleanser, toner and moisturizer - the basic food for the face. Living in Michigan, my face would show the bad signs of the harsh winter weather, redeness around my nose and dry patches on my cheeks, but this year is different in a great way. Your amazing products have saved my face!! Since I've started using them in Sept. of this year, and now it's December, my face no longer has any redness nor any dryness. I will never go back to those harsh cleansers, toners, etc. products. Thank you for bringing out the best of my face!t

Thank you again,

Angie P.

"Besso Cosmetics are the very best skin care products I have ever used in my life. I have traveled all over the world and have never once found a line of cosmetics that even compares to the quality of Besso Cosmetics. My skin has never looked or felt better.

Thank youTeresa!"

-Melissa Spamer, Ubud, Bali

Hello Teresa and Ivars!

It's Danielle G.from Greencastle, Indiana . I absolutely LOVE that moisturizer. I use it sparingly because it's like a precious commodity to me. It has a special place in my fridge. I wish I could afford a whole vat of it! I hate to use anything else on my face. Your moisturizer feels so rich, pure, and nourishing on my face. Anything else compared to it just feels watery and chemical ridden and the fragrances others use give me a head ache. But the fragrance in your moisturizer smells so natural, like a fruit salad! Anyway, I just love the stuff and I tell anyone I know who loves natural things about it. My husband loved using your shaving lotion and is out of it but I noticed it's not on the website. Did you stop making that product? Another thing I'm interested in is your mascara, but as a redhead I can't use black, it's too dark for my complexion and lashes. Will you be coming out with a brown? Congratulations on expanding your business.

I have been using the products for several weeks now with great success.  My pores are cleaner and my skin is softer, soft lines are diminished and I could hardly have asked for anything more.  At 66 years of age, I can tell that I will be able to continue to confound my grandchildren who are always trying to guess my age.  Lucky me for having found you and congratulations to both of you for a revolutionary product that really works.

Shirley Moore 

Dear Teresa

Just wanted to thank you for the BEST EVER facial & all the wonderful gifts. I was amazed this morning to see how much better my face looks. The scars are smaller & the broken capillaries are lighter. I did not feel the need to wear powder all day. The foundation & mascara went on great. It touches me knowing for a fact that you always spend so much time on me. Thank you again for all your kindness. Warm Love Sue A.

Fiddler's Creek, 3755 Montreux Ln #104 Naples Florida 34114